I hope this week was productive but fun. It was for me. I had the pleasure of spending some time with our excellent Area Directors. What energy and positivity from that group. There was such passion for our people and programs. I can honestly see why the programs we offer work. It’s because of people like you!
Some of our folks are so positive and full of energy. People like Jessica at CCLM, Tawanda at Big Bear, Dischele in Thousand Oaks, or Denise in Riverside, I enjoyed the time spent with them so much. They were full of ideas to better our organization and courageous in telling me what we could do better. They were respectful, yet forthright and they were supportive and not defensive if I asked them questions. It was a pleasure interacting with them. When the meeting was over, I wondered why their personalities appealed to me. What was it about them that made me sit up and notice? After reflection, I concluded, it was their attitudes!
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